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About Us

Since 1999, Lutz Engineering, Inc. has provided building system commissioning and automation consulting for commercial building owners, operators and construction managers. Lutz Engineering maintains the view that each customer deserves the very best in terms of service, both in practice and in customer attention following completion of a project. By delivering dependable, paramount service and support, Lutz Engineering has consistently ensured that its customers occupy facilities that meet and exceed their expectations from day one.



  • New Construction - Lutz Engineering commissions commercial and institutional buildings using our best-practices approach to building commissioning. Also a member of the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) and the US Green Building Council.
  • Existing Buildings (Retro-commissioning) - Occupied buildings can have difficulties that provide unsatisfactory building performance. Lutz Engineering identifies these issues and works with the operations staff to address lingering problems and establish satisfactory performance.

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Commissioning Services, Energy Audits, Energy Measurement & Verification [M&V], and Building Automation Systems (BAS) Consulting – serving the continental United States. Local sales and support on the East Coast from Richmond through Boston, and west to Ohio.

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Energy Services

  • Energy Audits - Where does your building stand with energy usage? Have Lutz Engineering perform ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 energy audits to reveal opportunities to reduce energy usage.
  • Energy Measurement & Verification - Building Owners that have a need for energy monitoring or wish to collect data on energy savings will need an energy monitoring system that collects data and puts a dollar amount on energy usage and savings. Lutz Engineering analyzes your building utilities and provides a turnkey solution for a comprehensive energy management system to provide these savings.

Building Automation Consulting

  • HVAC Control Design – Lutz Engineering works with owners and engineering firms to provide designs for Building Automation Systems that reflect the owner's requirements with a focus on HVAC integration.
  • HVAC Control Master Planning / Design Standards – Lutz Engineering develops master plans for an entire site or campus for building automation systems that provide years of benefits to the facilities team.
  • BAS Integration – Lutz Engineering is a leading expert in BACnet and Lonworks. We integrate systems from top controls manufacturers such as Honeywell, JCI, Trane, York, TAC, Niagara and others.
  • Building Operator Training – Lutz Engineering provides BAS training on systems from several manufacturers, which can be especially useful in existing buildings where documentation is unavailable or trained personnel are missing.